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Why Cannabis Should be Your Next Investment

Research and trends, what’s up and coming for cannabis?

  • A more refined CBD product market: Many consumer products are popping up with CBD as an added ingredient. Consumers will try the various CBD products on the market, their preferences will become more refined and they will be more loyal to CBD products. As consumers gain loyalty to the products that work for them they are more familiar with how CBD products should perform, they will begin to better understand which products make sense to add CBD, and which ones added CBD because they could. With this change in consumer mindset, there will be a demand for more regulations on CBD products on the market.

  • Medical Research: Various case studies explain the many reasons why cannabis should be removed from the schedule one drug list, however, it remains listed. Being listed as a schedule one drug makes it very difficult for medical professionals to conduct medical research on cannabis. Even with these limitations, the clinical trials that have been performed continue to bring medical cannabis to the next level. A significant project known as “bio-availability” spearheaded by Dr. William Levine and his team at CannRx, focuses on offering products with a lower dose which have the same medical benefits of a higher dosage of cannabis with decreased side effects. If bio-availability comes to market, Dr. Levine predicts the older medical cannabis users will turn to the recreational market for these high-quality, low dose products.

Legalization, who’s next?

There are currently 11 states and Washington DC that have legalized recreational cannabis use, and 33 states that have passed medical use cannabis laws. In 2020 an additional 19 states are fighting to join them, 11 of which are voting to legalize adult recreational use of cannabis. If all 19 states passed laws legalizing cannabis, total revenue from sales is estimated at $41.6 billion in 2025. Which states are next? With many elections just around the corner, we’ve gathered a few of the top states that are likely next in line for legalization.

  • Arizona: Cannabis advocates in Arizona are working to gather a minimum of 237,645 signatures by July 2, 2020, to get the Smart and Safe Arizona Act placed on their ballot. This Act would legalize recreational cannabis for adults 21 or older and it would also allow each adult to have a maximum of 6 cannabis plants with no more than 12 plants per household.

  • New Jersey: New Jersey currently has legalized medical marijuana. In December of 2019, New Jersey voted in favor of amending their November 2020 ballot allowing voting to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. If recreational cannabis becomes legal in New Jersey, there is an estimate of the industry in the state to grow to $1 billion in annual sales.

  • Mississippi: Mississippi is typically a more conservative state, but when it comes to the legalization of medical cannabis, times may be changing for this state. If a resident marks their ballot in favor of legalization they will be asked another question to decide if medical cannabis can only be used in patients that are suffering from a life-threatening illness, or the more relaxed legalization which would allow patients with around 20 different conditions to be prescribed medical cannabis.

  • South Dakota: South Dakota voters will be able to vote for recreational and medical regulations on the same ballot. Typically states that are voting for the legalization of cannabis for the first time legalize medial first, based on that information, the likelihood of medical legalization is more likely at this time. Either way, legalization of any type is a step in the right direction!

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