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New Year, New Office

We are excited to share that the Driven team has moved into a new home in El Segundo, California as of January 2, 2020. Our new and consolidated location provides many features our old offices did not, including tons of natural light, more space, and a collaborative work environment.


  • Our Own Building: While we liked our old spaces, we had a lot of neighbors. The San Diego office was located in a small suite on the second floor surrounded by many other businesses. In Glendale, there was no space for meetings and it was even more crowded. Our customer service and dispatch teams were sharing space with our fulfillment operations in Gardena making it difficult for them to have their own designated space. Now we have our own 4 walls, a dedicated customer service and operations area in our own building to make as much noise as we want (reasonably).

  • More Space: Our small offices each had about 1,500 square feet. Our new space boasts just under 6,000 square feet giving us plenty of room for all departments to be under one roof including operations, customer service, marketing, leadership, finance, and technology. Our new office also includes two levels, giving us space up and down to work with.

  • Business: we acquired not one but three delivery businesses this year: Ganjarunner: California’s premier cannabis delivery service, offering same and next day delivery throughout the state. Budee: Offers blazing-fast cannabis delivery with a wide range of products. Delivers right to your door in as quick as 90 minutes. Mountain High Recreation: affordable, quick cannabis delivery throughout Northern California always offering great deals.

Moving our headquarters from San Diego and Glendale to El Segundo made the most sense as the majority of our employees, our business and opportunity were centered in LA. We were able to close both the small offices to expand into our industrial, open-concept space.

2020 will be an exciting year for Driven full of growth and opportunity with this new space at the center.

Interested in touring our space or stopping by? Reach out at

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