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Driven to Empower Brands

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

In an effort to align and ignite the Driven brand with our business to business (B2B) focus, Driven is proud to unveil a fresh new identity, tone and style to better relate to its core audiences. cannabis brands and our growing list of investors.

Starting with the logo, Driven’s new “leaf” icon abstractly portrays the cannabis plant with shades of green and teal to represent nature, growth, and healing. The shades of green also represent income and growth for our investors. The word driven is boldly featured in black to represent the road to success in alignment with our goal to pave the way for all cannabis brands looking to offer statewide delivery to all their customers. Driven’s new outfit also includes a completely redesigned website which provides a more comprehensive, yet simplified experience for both brands and investors. The URL was chosen to improve brand retention and provide a strong tie back to the Driven stock symbol, DRVD which is actively trading on the OTC Market.

The opportunity presented itself following the acquisition of Ganjarunner, a licensed cannabis delivery service with multiple fulfillment centers throughout California. Ganjarunner will now represent our business to consumer (B2C) identity and interests across all markets. Together, we will empower cannabis brands in an effort to help them forge direct relationships with consumers while converting their web traffic into sales, leveraging Driven’s ecommerce solutions and Ganjarunner’s direct to home delivery services.

Driven will continue to expand its technology and services portfolio both organically and through future acquisitions to better service its brand partners. Ganjarunner will continue to grow its loyal consumer base and in many cases offer products made available from Driven brand partners within its online stores.

The Driven team is excited to continue to strengthen and grow our B2B partnerships with our new identity while expanding our reach to millions of potential cannabis buyers throughout California with Ganjarunner and our affiliate partners.





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