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Driven’s BrandBudee Program: Level up your Cannabis Brand

Any cannabis brand in the California market knows what a challenge it can be to penetrate quickly and make an impact. You work with retailer after retailer to get your products in the perfect spot on the shelves, you travel to educate budtenders why your brand versus another, and you give away product for practically nothing just for the chance that your target consumer might try it. Sound familiar? There is a lot at stake for new and even veteran cannabis brands to meet their goals, stock inventory with the right partners, and sell quickly, until now.

Driven takes a unique and sustainable approach to partnering with cannabis brands of all kinds. Not only do we implement brands onto our e-commerce stores ganjarunner & Budee, we give them the opportunity to be showcased to our large customer base, educate them on the product/brand, and ultimately have their inventory on their own sites through our BrandBudee widget. The BrandBudee “order online” widget provides consumers with statewide, direct to consumer delivery in 60 minutes or less. Consumers can see inventory available near them and brands can convert traffic to customers without passing them to a different website or competitive retail store.


  • Consumer-facing Promotions: Run state-wide promotions without having to coordinate with hundreds of retailers.

  • On-Demand Exchange Program: The platform includes a custom coupon engine that enables brands to manage coupon codes that enable discounts on their own website including percent off for family & friends, influencer programs, and discounts to make it right after a bad customer experience. The exchange and coupon program is facilitated by Budee and charged back to the brands.

  • Loyalty: Keep your customers loyal and ordering online through your site without passing them to a competitive retail store.

  • Analytics: Provides insights into how your brand, SKUs and campaigns are performing across the state. You can expect to benefit from this intelligence in many ways. Learn what SKUs are selling in certain markets, or what resonates with different target audiences. Answer questions such as, does age play a factor? What affinities do you share with your customers? How much should you produce of this SKU or that SKU? Without this data, you can’t measure success of your consumer relationship.

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