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For brands that are looking to sell their products on their website but don’t know where to start, Budee (a driven brand) has the solution. Our Brand Budee program has taken our brand relationships to the next level and created a seamless shopping experience for our customers. These partnerships have always been at the forefront of our business. Together, the brands we represent give our customers access to a diverse profile of hundreds of licensed products that can be delivered to their door with the click of a button.

Before the launch of the Brand Budee program our brands were solely represented in our online retail divisions, ganjarunner and Budee. Many of our brand partners use links on their site directing customers to “shop now” or “order online”. These links redirected customers back to one of our retail divisions. Our Driven by Numbers analytics platform showed that our customers were looking for a more integrated experience on brand websites, so an integrated experience is exactly what we gave them! Without further ado, we would like to formally introduce the Brand Budee program!

Brand Budee experience from gkua

With the Brand Budee experience, customers can click on the Brand Budee Widget which floats on a brand website, it reads “order online”. Customers are no longer faced with confusing redirects. This technology has enabled our brands to provide statewide on-demand access to their customers without having to send them to our e-commerce experiences which are filled with competitive brands and products.

To say the least, our brands are excited! We have received great feedback from the brands that partnered with us to pilot the Brand Budee experience. Some of the brands that have been a part of this pilot experience include:

A word from a few of our Brand Budee Partners:


"The launch of this partnership with Driven has us very excited about the future sales of Orchid Essentials throughout California. We have been working with Driven and its subsidiaries for over a year, and now we are taking the relationship to the next level," said Corey Mangold, CEO & Founder of Orchid Ventures. "The magnitude of Driven's distribution will be a great value add and allow easier access to our products, including three new lines of products that will be launching this summer."

House of Saka:

"We could not be more excited to be using the Brand Budee brand widget on our website. Our customers find it to be extremely convenient to use. We would recommend this feature to any brand," said Cynthia Salarizadeh, Founder & President of House of Saka.

Yummi Karma:

"This is a game-changer," says Yummi Karma CEO Krystal Kitahara. "It allows streamlined access to people who may not otherwise be able to get safe, legal cannabis products like ours. It is a symbol of what we strive for in our industry – building partnerships and a community who are all in this together."

The program is growing like weeds. We have acquired more than 1,000 new customers from the initial 13 Brand Budee sales experiences. Between the results we’ve seen and the feedback we have received from our brand partners, we have deemed the Brand Budee program a success. We anticipate more than 50 brands to implement the Brand Budee program to their sites in the next few months. It’s a win-win for Driven and it’s subsidiaries, our brands, and our customers as we continue to separate our operations from the traditional retail and delivery companies.

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